Bookstores every book lover must visit

Bookstores every book lover must visit

With the rise of eBooks and tablets, many people think that the age of paperback books is coming to an end. However, the bookworms out there have been disagreeing with this notion, simply by the sheer number of paper books being sold on a daily basis. For the book lovers out there, browsing shelves after shelves at a bookstore can be a part of the experience with many of them equating it to the enjoyment of reading a book. There are literally thousands of bookstores out there, but in this article, we are going to look at the most amazing bookstores that any avid reader must have on their bucket list.


– Al Ateneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina: This amazing bookstore houses over 120,000 books with shelves spanning the entire floor of the space. The store doesn’t look like your typical bookstore, that is because this space used to be a theatre back in 1919 and was only transformed into a bookstore in the year 2000. One of the great features of this store is that shoppers can sit in the theatre boxes while browsing books

Raphaël D.

– Cook & Book, Brussels, Belgium: This amazingly designed bookstore does not just sell books, but it also caters for CDs and DVDs on various different subjects. The store is a huge space divided into 8 different sections, each of them with a unique style and atmosphere. For example, the literature section has hundreds and hundreds of books hanging down from the ceiling. The bookstore also has its own restaurant that is open for both lunch and dinner.


Libreria Acqua Alta, Venice, Italy: This one is very special, just because it is located on the shores of a canal that floods every year, so in order to avoid any damage to the books, the owner keeps the books stashed in old gondolas, boats, and tubs that give that place its unique vibe. Another reason this bookstore is a must visit, is the huge postcard and art collections its features and that can be accessed at the back of the store.

The Mysterious Bookshop

– The Mysterious Bookshop, Manhattan, New York: The bookstore was founded by the mysterious writer, Otto Penzler and its theme revolves around mystery and depth instead of catering for a wide variety of books. With tons of mystery novels and crime stories, this bookstore is visited by hundreds of avid mystery readers and houses the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes, and a huge collection of thriller and noir titles as well. Penzler wanted to open this bookstore to cater for mystery and thriller titles, which he admitted that he never read growing up, so he created this haven to promote thriller and mystery titles.

There are hundreds of bookstores out there that are unique and have their individual style. The four bookstores mentioned are just a few of the amazing stores that any reader and book lover should put on their list when they plan the next trip overseas or to the nearest local bookstore. Books take us to a different realm and are a great and educational tool to escape reality even for just a bit, but when you add to that a unique book shopping experience and the whole adventure comes together to form an unforgettable memory that adds to the novelty of the book itself.